PG Rivet Busters


Our busters are heavy duty, powerful hammers offering superb control on blow, frequency and energy.
They are used for heavy duty chipping, demolition of reinforcement and cutting off large rivets.

Forged steel handle for durability
Superb teasing throttle for control.
Alloy steel heat treated components.
Quick and easy chisel retention.
Replaceable bushings.
Technical Data
Net Weight
Overall Length
Shank mm
Piston Diameter
Piston Stroke
Air Consumption
PG - 011
14 Kgs
584 mm
22x28 Tapered
30 mm
203 mm
1080 bpm
1 m3/min.
PG - 081
15 Kgs
660 mm
22x28 Tapered
30 mm
280 mm
720 bpm
1.1 m3/min.

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