Roller & Baring Housing




MOTOR Main Moto 5 HP. 1440 RPM-440 V, 50 HZ., 3 Phase Make NGEF- FLANGE Type
WHEEL 300x40x50 39 V 60 V Shapr for 110 Degree
DRESSER 2 NOS. 0.50 Carat Diamond for Dressing Wheel in 110 Degree
COOLANT Eater Spray Forwheel & Dresser. main Spindle Fitted With 2 Straight Roller Bearing. & 1 Ball Bearing
SPINDLE Fitted with Hardened & Grinded Wheel Flange.
STARTER DOL Starter For Motor & Rotary
CROSS SLIDES Switch For Coolant Motor Main Cross Slide For Bit Forward & Reverse Small Slide For Cross Bit Centering & Small Slide For Dresser Forward & Reverse
COOLANT TANK Water Capacity 40 LTR. Fitteed With Dust Seprator
BIT HOLDER For R 32 Rope THREAD-FOUR Side Changer For Grinding Cross Bit
DIMENSION 30" x 36" 40" Height
WEIGHT Total Weight 300 L G

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