When Bobcat Rocks Driller Compressor Goes Up in Flames

The Bobcat Rock Driller compressor is a very rare and expensive rock driller.

This little guy is very unique in that it can actually go off in a blaze of glory. 

When this little guy went on fire in August, Bobcat owners posted on Facebook that they had heard of the compressors capabilities, but had no idea that they could actually blow a lot of money.

The Bobcat compressor can blow up to 300 pounds of compressed gas per minute.

That’s a lot, but imagine the energy that that would be worth if it went off.

Bobcat’s compressor is an all-purpose drill tool that can be used for all kinds of drilling applications, from boring holes to filling gaps in stone walls to creating holes in your walls. 

This is the latest example of how this little device can really blow your mind.

The compressor went up in flames in August after a bit of testing. 

According to reports, the Bobcat rock compressor is made from the same type of plastic as the drill bits that you might find in the backyard.

It was built in 2009 by a company called Bobcat Metal Works. 

It took a year for Bobcat to actually get the new compressors power unit approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The new compressor, which was designed to drill up to 30 feet in diameter, was supposed to go on sale in late 2018.

But the new compressor went on sale last month.

According to Bobcat, the compressor exploded when it was about to blow up.

The compressor exploded because it wasn’t working properly. 

That’s when the owners of Bobcat started getting worried.

Bobcat owners are now suing Bobcat for negligence. 

The Bobcats website states that they have a lot more experience than Bobcat did with these compressors.

The owners of the company are hoping that the federal government will approve the compressor, and they will pay Bobcat back.

Bobcats owner, Brian Johnson, told ABC News that the compressor explosion was not a “human error” by Bobcat. 

He said, “We were not negligent in what we did.” 

Bobcat has a lot to live up to. 

In the past, Bobcats were pretty good at what they did. 

However, they don’t have the best reputation in the rock business. 

Bobcats compressors are so powerful that they can literally blow up rock. 

One Bobcat owner told ABCNews that he thought Bobcats compressor was safe because he didn’t think he could blow it up.

Bobcat said that it was just a test. 

They said that they tested their compressors safety and found that they were safe.

They said that there is a “safety margin” that they’re supposed to be able to work with, but that they are “not there yet.” 

“They’re not doing a very good job with what they’re doing right now,” said Bobcat CEO, Greg Pank. 

“We are looking at getting our compressors approved and then getting the unit out there and getting it out there to show the world what it’s capable of doing,” Pank said. 

 It sounds like Bobcats owners are going to have to be patient.

Bobcats compressor will likely take at least a year to go up in the flames. 

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