Watch this video to see how cobra rocks drill

Cobras are known to dig into rock to lay their eggs and the researchers say this drill is the first in the world to successfully drill into a flat rock with a cobra drill.

This method of rock drilling is one of the most advanced and effective ways to drill into rock, but is not yet commercially available.

It takes about 30 minutes for the cobra to drill a hole, so the team wanted to make sure they were successful.

After drilling into a rock the cobras would then use their powerful jaws to drag the drill into the rock.

The team was able to drill 1.8 millimetres into the granite bedrock. 

They then drilled a hole into the stone using a small ballast rock and a smaller piece of gravel that had been drilled into the surface of the rock before.

Once the hole was drilled, the cobrapods were able to drag their drill into it.

After about a minute of dragging, they then began to work.

The cobrapod was able for a few minutes to remove the ballast, and then began digging.

It was not until the cobray removed the gravel from the drill that they began to feel pain. 

The cobra drills through the rock, using their powerful claws to pull the drill through, then they dig a small hole in the rock and then the drill begins to work again.

This technique of rock drill drilling was not successful on the first attempt, but this time the cobrids were able get their drill through. 

Image source The team hope to develop this new technique in future research to drill more accurately and safely into flat rocks.

It’s likely that more cobras will dig into the same flat rock over the years, as this method of stone drilling has a good chance of working.