What the hell is a ‘rock drill’ and why do we care?

The drill is an electric drill that was developed to drill through rock.

Its used in drilling holes in sandbags, for example.

The idea is that a rock drill would be able to penetrate through the sandbag and work its way to the bottom of the hole. 

The drill has also been used for the drilling of holes in concrete, concrete walls, and other concrete.

Its also been popular with drill-toting soldiers, but it has not been used on a drill-pushing vehicle, which is what many drill-drivers were originally aiming for. 

Rock drillers and drill-driving fans. 

But now, after years of rumors and rumors, the US military is working on a “rocks drill” and a “rock drill-drive vehicle”. 

“This vehicle will be designed to enable military personnel to operate drill-and-drive vehicles while operating on the roads without using bulky or bulky, cumbersome equipment,” the US Army said in a press release. 

“These vehicles will have a compact, lightweight design, and are designed to fit into the vehicle’s frame and be powered by a conventional motor.” 

The military hopes the vehicle will allow the troops to move from a parking lot to a drill pad faster, and from the drill pad to a target much more quickly than using bulky and bulky equipment. 

There’s still some uncertainty about whether the military is going to build a drill drive for the drill vehicle. 

A spokesman for the Army said he was unable to comment on the matter, but the spokesperson did say that the Army has a long history of using military vehicles to carry out training, and that it “will continue to look into the possibility of making such vehicles a reality.”