Denver drill rock miners claim they were targeted by the federal government

Denver, CO – An estimated 500,000 people in the Denver metro area were targeted in the federal raids that were launched in early January.

But in the past year, the Denver-based Mining and Energy Workers of America (META) has reported being targeted for surveillance, intimidation and intimidation.

The Denver Herald reports the raiders are using advanced technology to monitor the META members’ work and even target them in person, with their cars in front of their houses.

“They’re really not the kind of people that are going to be the victims of a drill drill,” said Gary Miller, a META organizer in Denver.

Miller said the raids have left him with the “worst fear of being killed.”

The raids have targeted META and other anti-fracking groups for intimidation, harassment and surveillance.

The raids targeted about 5,000 of the nation’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Miller said the federal agents targeted those working to clean up contaminated sites and communities.

“I’ve never been in my life,” Miller said.

“I have never seen something like this.

I’ve been out here in my own community, I’ve worked with these guys.

I’m not going to go to the federal level.

It’s not fair to me.”

The raids began in late January after META received information from local authorities that a drilling company had begun work on a large underground salt mine near the city of Greeley.

Miller was among the local residents who went to the site to see if it was safe to drill.

He said that a drill rig was already working on the site when federal agents showed up and began asking questions.

“We were just like, ‘Why are you here?

What’s going on here?

Where are we?’

I was like, what are you doing here?

Are you looking for us?'”

Miller said of the agents.

“It was really, really scary.”

Miller said his first instinct was to run.

He ran to the nearby home of his son and told him to stay away from the drill rig.

That’s when the agents showed him his house and began filming.

Miller ran outside and told his son to stay home.

Miller’s son had been living in the house for years.

The son didn’t know what was going on, but he called his dad and asked what was happening.

Miller told the agents that the drill company was not on his property.

Miller told them he had never been approached by federal agents.

The agents said they were looking for META workers.

The META organization’s leaders and supporters say they have nothing to do with the federal raid.META leaders said they are not being targeted by government agents.

“This is the most aggressive and destructive federal raid on META’s members that we’ve seen in years,” said META Local 565 president Tim Smith.

“They’re targeting our union members and members of our community and we’re being targeted.”

Miller and other META supporters say federal agents have used advanced technology that allows them to remotely record their activities and listen to their conversations.

META has been under investigation by the Justice Department for its role in organizing against fracking and for using tactics to intimidate people.METAM President Steve Sadowsky said that while he and other members have concerns about the raids, they also want the federal authorities to stop it.

“What’s happening here is really, truly frightening and dangerous,” Sadowski said.

“The federal government should be stopped.”