Why Black Rock is a better choice than Florida Rock for Rock Drillers

The Black Rock of Louisiana, a large natural gas wellhead, was discovered in 1976 and drilled by Dr. Charles F. Black, who was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in economics for his discoveries.

The well is located about 120 miles southwest of New Orleans.

In 2015, Black Rock Corporation and its parent company, BlackRock Energy, were awarded a $1.2 billion contract to drill at Black Rock and another well in Texas, the $1 billion contract awarded to Continental Resources.

In November 2017, Blackrock was awarded a third contract by the U.S. Department of Energy for two more wells in Texas and a fourth well in Louisiana.

The companies are also developing a well in Pennsylvania, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Black Rock has been awarded a total of $12 billion for its drilling, drilling technology and related projects over the last decade.