Rocks Drill Dealer: ‘I can’t imagine being a customer of mine today’

A rock drill salesman from Wyoming is offering to buy the rights to a new type of lava rock to use in a new kind of drilling project, in the form of a lava rock rock drill.

The lava rock is a type of rock that was formed during the last mass extinction of marine life.

The rocks form in the ocean as magma flows.

They have been known to be used as an ingredient in many different kinds of geological processes.

“I can see myself in the future of this, as the kind of person who’s going to be able to make a contribution,” said David Prentice, who has been selling rock drills since the late 1990s.

Prentice says his sales pitch is based on the fact that lava rocks can be drilled through rock to create holes and are often used in the process of drilling a tunnel under an underwater rock formation.

“A lot of people have seen these lava rocks that have been drilled into a hole.

I just think it’s really exciting that you can use that rock to make holes and drill a hole,” Prentice said.

“It makes sense that it would be a fun and a useful thing to make use of that rock.”

Prentice, a member of the Rock Drillers Association of Wyoming, says lava rocks have been used in several ways, including as a chemical solvent to create sand and mud.

He says the first lava rock that he sold was used as a source of magma to make cement.

“It’s a natural material.

It’s a rock,” Prentices sales representative Chris Roper told Business Insider.

“You can see in the photo the little holes that we drilled through.”

The new lava rock drill was originally designed for use in drilling holes in volcanic rocks.

The drill itself uses a type.

Roper says the rock is made from a type called magmastone, a mineral that’s formed from volcanic ash.

The volcanic ash is often a mixture of different minerals that are heated up in a process known as lava flow.

Prentice says he used to use the same type of mineral in his rock drills.

“We’ve done some of these rock drills, but I’ve never actually used that mineral.

I never have,” Paster said.”

So we’ll probably just do a drill and see how it works, but that’s what we’re going to do.”

The rock drill is a unique type of volcanic rock drill, but it is still only a part of Prentice’s sales pitch.

He is planning to put the new lava rocks on display at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Museum in Park City, Utah, in December.

“This is an interesting time in our geological history.

We’ve just had the most catastrophic extinction event in history,” Parson said.