Rock Drill accessories for the Commando Rock Drill

We’ve all heard the saying, “You know the drill?

Drill it!”.

We also know the commando drill has been around for a long time and it’s used in warfare for a reason. 

But what does it do?

It’s the rock drill.

The Commando Rock drill is designed for use by soldiers who have been involved in soldier training.

It is a versatile tool for drill drilling with multiple attachments for the customer.

It has been used for military drills, demolition removal, drilling and other combat roles for decades.

It can be used with any drill to drill a wide range of material, including sand, clay, rock, cement, concrete, asphalt, and glass.

The Commando Rock is a powerful tool that can be modified to be used as a drilling and removal tool for all sorts of materials. 

The Commando rock drill is not the only rock drill in use today. 

A couple of other models are available in the market as well. If you’re comfortable using a rock drill and want to add a few more options, here are the Commando models that are available. 

These are not the best choices for your drill, but they are a great addition for any driller.

The Commando Rock Drill can be purchased from several suppliers including Rock Drill Equipment, CAD Systems, Rock, Drill, and more. 

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