Italy 3-2 Belgium: Bodo’s goal means 3-1

It was a goal from Bodo.

He was the man of the match.

The ball was low, he took it from the left wing, and it flew in.

Bodo, a 19-year-old midfielder, was one of the brightest young talents in Italy.

The goal was not an empty one.

He played on the edge of the penalty area, with the goal coming against his own defence.

He had a bit of a scare, and with the ball at his feet he turned and volleyed over the bar.

Bondo, the youngster with the same name, was already part of the squad, but his contribution was important to the Italians.

He scored his first goal as a professional, on March 10, 2017, against Italy’s U19 team in the European Under-21 Championship.

Bido has scored five goals in 19 games for the Boca Juniors.